Members' behind the scenes
Members’ behind the scenes: radicals, revolutionaries and royalty in late Georgian London - SOLD OUT

Saturday 12 January 2019,
Room 90
Tickets £29


Sponsored by the Albukhary Foundation

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Enjoy a private, behind the scenes look at the Museum's prints and drawings collection.

The Citi exhibition I object: Ian Hislop's search for dissent showcases rich and varied histories of dissent that can be found at the Museum, including satirical and ingenious works of caricature produced by artists James Gillray and Charles Philipon. This event, hosted in the Department of Prints and Drawings Study Room, offers a closer look at these artworks and others in the Museum's collection.

A culture of political printmaking flourished in England at the beginning of the 19th-century ranging from irreverent and risqué caricatures to William Blake’s visionary prophetic books. In the late 1810s and early 1820s political pamphlets attacked the extravagant, scandalous lifestyle of the Prince Regent (subsequently George IV) and made the case for political reform and civil liberties. The Department of Prints and Drawings holds 10 volumes of political pamphlets dating from this period which are rarely exhibited. This event will provide an opportunity to look closely at the visual and material qualities of the pamphlets to consider how they were circulated and experienced. In so doing, we will engage with a fascinating history of artistic and literary innovation and imitation, as well as human stories of political engagement and debate.

This special event is exclusive to Members. Please note that only a small number of tickets will be available for this event to ensure that Members have the best experience when visiting. Please meet 10 minutes before the scheduled start time at Members’ cloakroom located next to the Montague Place entrance.

Age: 16+

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