How to write in cuneiform: the oldest writing system in the world

Thursday 6 December 2018,
Sackler Rooms
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Cuneiform script on tablets of clay is, as far as we know, the oldest form of writing in the world.

The choice of clay as a writing medium in libraries such as King Ashurbanipal’s meant that records of all kinds could survive down to modern times, preserving fascinating documents from ancient civilisation, written by a variety of people and societies.

Join British Museum Curator Irving Finkel to learn how to write on clay in cuneiform, in this special hands-on workshop presented in collaboration with The Lettering and Commemorative Arts Trust.

Age: 12+

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The Flood Tablet, relating part of the Epic of Gilgamesh, Neo-Assyrian, Nineveh, Iraq. © The Trustees of the British Museum