Crafting change with the Craftivist Collective

Sunday 14 October 2018,
Saturday 17 November 2018,
Friday 14 December 2018,
Great Court
Free, just drop in

Supported by Citi

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Get crafty: using your hands, head and heart come and explore creative ways to be a strategic activist in a series of drop-in workshops, presented in collaboration with the Craftivist Collective.

Founded by award-winning campaigner Sarah Corbett, the global Craftivist Collective is more than an alternative use for craft. Their unique ‘gentle protest’ approach to craftivism has already changed government law, company policy as well as hearts and minds. Focusing on conversation not conflict, being critical friends not aggressive enemies. Join in their creative, thoughtful and loving activism to help you be part of the positive change you want to see in our messy world. No craft skills needed.

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