Fashioning the Achaemenid elite: dress and identity in ancient Iran, c. 559–330 BC

Thursday 26 July 2018,
BP Lecture Theatre
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In this lecture Professor Lloyd Llewellyn Jones, Cardiff University, explores the form and function of the clothing of the Achaemenid nobility at the time of the first Persian Empire.

The Achaemenid Persians inherited a particular form of dress which linked them to their nomadic Eurasian ancestors. Consisting of trousers, a sleeved tunic and a long-sleeved coat, this ‘cavalry costume’ was intimately linked to the horse-riding identity which the Achaemenids had inherited from the steppe peoples of ‘greater Iran.’ Alongside the physical garments themselves, customs, traditions and meanings were encoded in their use and in particular the sleeved-coat was imbued with a semi-magical quality which made it the focus of significant ceremonial.

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Photo courtesy of Lloyd Llewellyn Jones.