Members' special event
Members' early morning viewing of Rodin and the art of ancient Greece - FULLY BOOKED

Saturday 28 April 2018,
Room 30
Free, booking essential


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Members can book to visit the exhibition Rodin and the art of ancient Greece before normal opening hours.

Discover how ancient Greek sculpture inspired Rodin to set a radical new direction for modern art. In 1881 the French sculptor Auguste Rodin visited London for the first time. On a trip to the British Museum, he saw the Parthenon sculptures and was instantly captivated by the beauty of these ancient Greek masterpieces. Experience the magnificent sculpture of a modern master, and explore how the ancient world shaped his artistic vision.

All Members will need to book in advance of their visit for early morning views of the exhibition (please note: this does not apply to visiting during normal opening hours). The timings indicate available slots for accessing the early morning viewing. Members will be able to remain in the exhibition for as long as they like.

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Auguste Rodin (1840–1917), The Kiss. S.174. Plaster, after 1898. Musée Rodin.