Young Friends' sleepover
Young Friends' sleepover: how to be an archaeologist - SOLD OUT

Saturday 10 March 2018, 18.00 –
Sunday 11 March 2018, 09.00
Great Court and galleries
Tickets £45


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Young Friends can come to an exciting sleepover to find out how to be an archaeologist.

Find out about the history of archaeology – from the first excavations to what they do today, and what role they have played in the history of the British Museum. See what we can learn from ancient tombs and crack forgotten languages. Discover the story behind some of the objects in the collection and how they came to be in the Museum.

At the end of the evening Young Friends and their guests will spend the night sleeping in the Egyptian and Assyrian galleries surrounded by kings and gods from the ancient world, followed by breakfast in the morning.

Age: 8–15

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Photo: Benedict Johnson.