Treasures from Medieval York:
England's other capital

12 February – 27 June 2010

Exhibition closed

Room 2

A temporary exhibition of highlights from the collection of the Yorkshire Museum in York.

York was one of Medieval England’s greatest cities, rivalling London in size and importance.

The city was the main administrative and judicial centre for the north of England and was an important focus for international trade. It is against this background that the rich variety of objects from the Yorkshire Museum in York should be seen, on display in London for a limited time only while the Yorkshire Museum is closed for redevelopment.

The display features swords, jewellery and coins from the Anglo-Saxon and Viking periods.

Highlight objects include the beautiful Middleham Jewel, the York Helmet, the remarkable Gilling Sword, and the magnificent Vale of York Hoard.

A showcase for how the British Museum and the Yorkshire Museum work together in different ways, the display features objects which were conserved and researched at the British Museum. The two museums also recently jointly acquired the Vale of York Hoard.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see part of Medieval York come to London.

The Middleham Jewel

The Middleham Jewel.
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