Japan (Rooms 92–94)

The Mitsubishi Corporation
Japanese Galleries

5000 BC – present

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The Mitsubishi Corporation Japanese Galleries explore how continuity and change have shaped Japan’s past and present, and the country’s relationships with the rest of the world. Through constant international exchange, today Japan is a thriving, modern, high-technology society that also celebrates many elements of traditional culture.

From ancient flame pots, through samurai armour, to contemporary manga, the objects on display date from prehistory to the present. They reference the lives of emperors and also of ordinary townspeople.

Explore the expansive history and culture of Japan in these beautiful galleries, which showcase one of the most comprehensive collections of Japanese art and artefacts outside of Japan.

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Lead image: Detail of suit of samurai armour. Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan, 1700s. Purchase made possible by the JTI Japanese Acquisition Fund