Seven Pillars of Wisdom Fund (Biographical details)

Seven Pillars of Wisdom Fund (institution/organisation; British)

Also known as

Seven Pillars of Wisdom Fund


"The Seven Pillars of Wisdom Fund" is a charity and regularly awards grants for archaeological, environmental and other academic projects. It also contributed towards the refurbishment of the Arched Room in the Department of the Middle East at The British Museum. There were originally two Trusts, both set up in 1936 by A. W. Lawrence who was the sole beneficiary under the will of T. E. Lawrence, and thus inherited the copyright of all his brother's works. To the 'Seven Pillars of Wisdom Trust' he assigned the copyright in Seven Pillars of Wisdom, which was shortly afterwards given its first publication (apart from the private subscription edition of 1926). To the 'Letters and Symposium Trust' he assigned the copyright in all his brother's letters and in the work, shortly afterwards published, entitled T. E. Lawrence by his Friends (ed. A.W. Lawrence, London: Cape, 1937). The two Trusts were amalgamated in 1986. On the death of A. W. Lawrence in 1991, the Trustees acquired the copyright in all the works of T. E. Lawrence of which they did not already own the copyright, and in the works of Professor A. W. Lawrence himself.


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