Charles Taylor Trechmann (Biographical details)

Charles Taylor Trechmann (archaeologist; Male; 1885 - 1964)

Also known as

Trechmann, Charles Taylor


A local amateur archaeologist and geologist in North-East England, had an early friendship with Canon William Greenwell (q.v.). Excavated Hasting Hill, the finds from which are in Sunderland Museum. Member of the Prehistoric Society from 1935. He was a chemist by trade and following the sale of his family business he travelled widely making important contributions to the study of the geology of New Zealand and the Caribbean in particular.

After his death in 1964, most of his collection was bequeathed to the Natural History Museum, which transferred his archaeological collections, mainly neolithic flint, to the department of Prehistoric and Romano-British Antiquities. His Egyptian collection was bequeathed to the Royal Scottish Museum in Edinburgh.