William Ransom (Biographical details)

William Ransom (collector; British; Male; 1826 - 1914)

Also known as

Ransom, William


William Ransom was a pharmaceutical chemist based in the market town of Hitchin, Hertfordshire. He founded William Ransom & Son PLC, Pharmaceutical Chemists, which remains as a major independent company in this business. A Quaker and a philanthropist, he was also an avid naturalist and collector of antiquities, conducting archaeological excavations. He donated Stone Age axes to the BM in 1886 and many items from his collection were given to various museums following his death by his son - to the British Museum between 1915 and to the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge in 1923.


http://www.hertfordshirelife.co.uk/people/life_times_william_ransom_hitchin_1_1641398 (includes a picture of William Ransom and his wife Anna Southall and their son Frank)