Help using the Publication reference search

Many objects are referred to by using references to standard catalogues. Many of these have been published by the British Museum, such as Johannes Wilde’s catalogue of drawings by Michelangelo. Others, especially Western prints, are referred to by standard catalogues of the prints of a single printmaker (e.g. Bromberg on Sickert), or catalogues that cover a large number of printmakers (e.g. Bartsch and Hollstein).

The search by author/editor field allows you to search for objects by citing these references, giving the cataloguer’s surname. A citation number can be added once results for a particular author or editor have been returned.

For example, one of the most commonly used print catalogues - by Adam Bartsch - should be entered as Bartsch, and then the citation number added in the form XIV.168.207. 

Occasionally a citation number may include Roman numerals, for example, 77.IV. To find these numbers you will need to use a wildcard search, for example 77*.

It is also possible to do a free text search in the 'Search by title' field, to find the title of the catalogue.