Explore an Amara West neighbourhood in 3D
Neal Spencer & Susie Green

Excavations between 2009 and 2015 explored in great detail an ancient neighbourhood within the walled town of Amara West.

We revealed a fascinating history, in which industrial areas and large-scale storage facilities were converted into, and in some cases built over, with small houses. Through photogrammetry, we have created a series of 3D models for research purposes as we work towards final publication of the excavations. Here we present versions of these models optimised for the web, with features and points of interest.

The models were made by Susie Green.

Introduction to the neighbourhood

Explore the ancient alleys and remains of houses. This model presents the architectural remains as they were excavated, without any reconstruction of roofs or original colouring.

Step into an ancient house

This model is a higher resolution rendering of one house within the neighbourhood: E13.3-S. A small three-roomed dwelling, this was created some time around 1170BC by dividing a much larger house in two.

A stolen statue lives on in 3D

In the back room of house E13.3-S, this sandstone statue was found where it had been placed by an ancient inhabitant, on a brick and stone pedestal. We document every object we find in photography and sometimes drawing. This statue was later stolen from the project storeroom, but the original 17 images were sufficient to create a 3D model.