Finds of Roman gold coins in Britain

Project team

  • Roger Bland, project leader

Department of Britain, Europe and Prehistory 


  • Xavier Loriot, CNRS, Paris

Supported by

  • Marc Fitch Fund

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Finds of Roman Gold Coins in Britain is a corpus of all finds of Roman gold coins made in Britain. It is a collaboration with Dr Xavier Loriot of the CNRS, Paris, who published a comprehensive study of all single finds of Roman gold coins in Gaul and Germany in 1990. A second volume, which Dr Loriot edited in 1992, brought together studies of finds of Roman gold coins from most other countries in western Europe. Britain stood out as one of the few provinces of the western Roman Empire for which no such study had been undertaken.

We now have details of some 630 single finds. Because the dividing line between single finds and hoards is often a narrow one, this volume will also include details of all hoards of Roman coins from Britain known to include gold coins. Finds of Roman Gold Coins in Britain will contain details of some 113 hoards, 42 of which are not in Anne Robertson’s Inventory of Romano-British Coin Hoards.

The corpus of finds will be published in geographical order, but in the introduction the information will be analysed in different ways. A series of distribution maps will illustrate the chronological differences in the distribution patterns and compare this with the distribution of silver and bronze Roman coins, with which there are significant differences. The volume will also note where coins come from known sites and will examine patterns of distribution that emerge from this. In addition, it will also discuss the chronological distribution of the coins, and compare this with the information from other provinces.


R. Bland, `Gold coins in Roman Britain’, Minerva 17, 6, (November/December 2006) pp. 47-8

Roman coin: Aureus of Nero

Roman coin: Aureus of Nero