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The archaeological site of Domuztepe is located in south-central Turkey and is the largest known example of a settlement from the Late Neolithic (around 6,500-5,500 BC). This was a key period of change in prehistory, after the development of agriculture and prior to the emergence of the earliest cities.

Although other large sites from this period are known, none have been extensively excavated.

Led by the University of Manchester, under the sponsorship of the British Institute at Ankara, the Domuztepe project is actively excavating the site seeking to understand its social organisation. Successful excavation of a large site is a long-term commitment and the excavation strategy has been revised each year in accordance with findings.

About the project

Understanding the transition between village and urban societies is highly relevant today as, for the first time in history, more people are now believed to be living in cities than in rural areas.

The Middle East is where agriculture (around 9,500 BC) and cities emerged (around 3,500 BC). Much less is known about how societies developed between these two milestones, and research at Domuztepe will significantly help to close this knowledge gap.

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Images, top: the main excavation area. Bottom left: stone figurine in the shape of a ram’s head. Middle: excavation in 2009. Bottom right: excavation in 2010.