Antinoupolis is a Roman city founded by the emperor Hadrian in Middle Egypt in AD 130. The city flourished as a regional capital into Late Antiquity (AD 250-800). Objects from the site vividly illustrate the daily lives of its inhabitants.

In 1913/1914, John de Monins Johnson excavated the site on behalf of the Egypt Exploration Society. While literature and documents surviving on papyrus (ancient paper) have been published, other object-types from the site have not. This project seeks to make these objects and excavation documentation available.

About the project

The project will make available Johnson’s unpublished 1913/1914 excavation documentation.

It will also catalogue British Museum objects from the excavation and then available through publications and online resources.

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A Roman city in Egypt

Antinoupolis was founded in AD 130 by the Roman Emperor Hadrian.

It was located on the east bank of the Nile in Middle Egypt where his favourite, Antinoös, is said to have drowned.

More about the project 


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