Regarding the Dead: Human Remains in the British Museum

Edited by Alexandra Fletcher, Daniel Antoine and JD Hill

British Museum Research Publication 197
ISBN 978-086159-197-8

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Cover of Regarding the Dead: Human Remains in the British Museum

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 Title page, contents and preface

Part One – Holding and Displaying Human Remains

Simon Mays

 Chapter 1 
Curating Human Remains in Museum Collections: Broader Considerations and a British Museum Perspective
Daniel Antoine

 Chapter 2 
Looking Death in the Face: Different Attitudes towards Bog Bodies and their Display with a Focus on Lindow Man
Jody Joy

 Chapter 3 
The Scientific Analysis of Human Remains from the British Museum Collection: Research Potential and Examples from the Nile Valley
Daniel Antoine and Janet Ambers

Part Two – Caring For, Conserving and Storing Human Remains

Gaye Sculthorpe

 Chapter 4 
Ancestral Remains from Oceania: Histories and Relationships in the Collection of the British Museum
Natasha McKinney

 Chapter 5 
Collection Care: Handling, Storing and Transporting Human Remains
Daniel Antoine and Emily Taylor

 Chapter 6 
Conservation of Human Remains from Archaeological Contexts
Barbara Wills, Clare Ward and Vanessa Sáiz Gómez with contributions by Capucine Korenberg and Julianne Phippard

Part Three – Researching the British Museum Collection

Clark Spencer Larsen

 Chapter 7 
Old Bones Overturned: New Evidence for Funerary Practices from the Sasanian Empire
St John Simpson and Theya Molleson

 Chapter 8 
Beneath the Surface: Imaging Techniques and the Jericho Skull
Alexandra Fletcher, Jessica Pearson, Theya Molleson, Richard Abel, Janet Ambers and Crispin Wiles

 Chapter 9 
The Collection of Egyptian Mummies in the British Museum: Overview and Potential for Study
John H. Taylor

 Chapter 10 
The Human Remains from Tell es-Sa‘idiyeh: International Custodianship, Respect and Research
Jonathan Tubb and Caroline Cartwright

 Chapter 11 
The Bioarchaeology of Amara West in Nubia: Investigating the Impacts of Political, Cultural and Environmental Change on Health and Diet
Michaela Binder and Neal Spencer