Etruscan by Definition: The Cultural, Regional and Personal identity
of the Etruscans

Papers in honour of Sybille Haynes, MBE

Edited by Judith Swaddling and
Philip Perkins

British Museum Research Publication 173
ISBN 978-086159-173-2
© The Trustees of the British Museum 2009

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 Title page, contents, foreword and acknowledgements 


Establishing the Etruscans in the
18th Century

 James Byres and the Definition of the

David Ridgway


Etruscan Production and Interpretation

 The Hamilton Gray Vase 
Dyfri Williams

 The Ridgway Ram Vase 
Dyfri Williams

 An Attic Red-figure Kylix from Veii and the Distribution of the Zalamea Group in Etruria 
Laura Ambrosini

 Shake, Rattle and Rôle: Sistra in

Judith Swaddling with a scientific report by Janet Ambers, Caroline Cartwright, Clare Ward and James Parker

 The Importance of Being Umaele 
Giovanna Bagnasco Gianni

 The Late Orientalising Bronze Workshops at Chiusi 
Antonella Romualdi


Houses, Tombs and Temples

 The Atrium as Italo-Etruscan Architectural Concept and as Societal Form 
Friedhelm Prayon