Good impressions:

image and authority in Medieval seals

Edited by Noël Adams, John Cherry and James Robinson

British Museum Research Publication 168
ISBN 978-086159-168-8
© The Trustees of the British Museum 2008

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 Title page and contents 

 Part I 

 Part II 

 Part III 

 Part IV 

 Appendix and handlist 



Seal of Robert Fitzwalter, AD 1213-19 (Handlist no. 8.1)


Part I: contents

  • In search of a semiotic paradigm: the matter of sealing in Medieval thought and praxis (1050-1400)
    Brigitte Miriam Bedos-Rezak
  • The Knight's alter ego: from equestrian to armorial seal
    Adrian Ailes
  • Heads, arms and badges: royal representation on seals
    John Cherry
  • Queens and Powerful women: image and authority
    Elizabeth Danbury

Part II: contents

  • The re-use and copying of ancient intaglios set in Medieval personal seals mainly found in England: an aspect of the Renaissance of the 12th century
    Martin Henig
  • Seals and status in Medieval English towns: a case-study of London, Newcastle and Durham
    Elizabeth New
  • Glasgow, Italy and France: 13th and early 14th-century seals from the Cathedral
    Virginia Glenn
  • The seals of the Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem in England
    David Marcombe
  • The judicial seals of the Welsh courts of great sessions
    David H. Williams

Part III: contents

  • The oldest equestrian seals in Sweden: Karl Svekersson, Birger Brosa and Karl the Deaf
    Coran Tegner
  • The re-engraved matrix: bishop versus chapter in Nidaros around 1300
    ErlaBergendahl Hohler
  • Medieval seal matrices found at castles and castle mounds in Denmark - what does archaeology tell about ther use?
    Michael Andersen
  • Seals of Swedish towns before 1350
    Henrik Klackenberg

Part IV: contents

  • Curial narratives: the seals of Cardinal Deacons 1280-1305
    Julian Gardner
  • The sealed saint: representations of Saint Francis of Assisi on Medieval Italian seals
    Ruth Wolff
  • ' quella era unico al mondo': A reassessment of cinquecento seal engraving and the seal matrices of Lautizio da Perugia
    Matthew Sillence