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Maroni in the United Kingdom and Ireland

As far as can be determined, no material from the British Museum excavations of 1897 was donated to other institutions.

However, as noted above in the section on this history of excavations in the Maroni area, John Myres collected several items of the Late Bronze Age from the site of Tsaroukkas in 1894 (Johnson 1980, nos 259–64), which were donated to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. Also in Oxford are several fragments from a Neolithic site near the village of Maroni collected by Hector Catling in 1953 and exported to the United Kingdom under licence (Johnson 1980, nos 265–7).

More recently, the Trustees of the British Museum loaned the Mycenaean Pictorial Style krater acquired by Percy Christian in 1897 to the Ashmolean for display in the newly refurbished museum. The vase is displayed in a case linking the Aegean and Near Eastern galleries alongside contemporary Late Helladic and Syro-Palestinian items, emphasising the many interconnections that existed across the Eastern Mediterranean during the Late Bronze Age.