Ancient Cyprus in the British Museum

Edited by Thomas Kiely

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Maps of Cyprus and its archaeological sites


An aerial view

Plan of the town showing major topographic features and important buildings and tombs


  1. Town wall and north, south and west gates 
  2. Cliff (2a - gap in cliff, possibly an east gate)
  3. Area III of Dikaios’ excavations 1949-1959
  4. ‘Maison de tresor des bronzes’, possibly a workshop
  5. Swedish Tomb 5
  6. Ashlar-built chamber tombs
  7. Area I of Dikaios’ excavations and the ashlar megaron of Level IIIA with the ‘sanctuary of the Ingot God’
  8. Paved central area at main crossroads of the town
  9. Tholos tombs FT 1336 and 1432 of the French excavations
  10. Sanctuary of the Horned God
  11. Monumental ashlar building of uncertain function (palace, sanctuary, residence)
  12. Monumental ashlar complex ‘Bâtiment 18’
  13. ‘Maison des bronzes’, possibly a workshop
  14. Domestic and artisanal areas

Image after Schaeffer et al. 1971, pl. IV, modified by M. Dalton and T. Kiely

Tomb distribution

Late Cypriot I


Late Cypriot III


All copyright Matt Dalton

Late Cypriot II