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Tombs from Site A

Tomb 1

Contents: BM: five objects
Materials/objects: Pottery, bronze, stone
Chronological range of objects: LC IIC (?); CG I–II (?); CA
Tomb type and status: Described as a ‘mnemeion’ or surface grave,‘one of a group along the north-east side of the site’.
Additional information: The notebook lists 20 items, mostly crossed out, so presumably these were not kept, but other objects which were apparently kept were not registered by the British Museum: a bronze bowl, fragments of bronze rings, four fibulae (only one registered), pottery (Bucchero, WP, BoR wares). The chronological range suggests several periods of reuse, though the Egyptian scarab of the 19th dynasty is probably an heirloom. A ‘small black jug with pointed base’ was also found nearby (not kept). 


Description of Tomb 1

Tombs 2–7 are described in the notebook as ‘a group of five Cypriote tombs close together, all of which were full of earth and consequently their shape and size could not be accurately ascertained…they were none more than 10 ft. below the surface’. These are probably chamber tombs.

Tomb 2

Contents: CM
Materials/objects: Pottery, bronze, silver, faience (?)
Chronological range of objects:  CG III(?); CA (?)
Tomb type and status:  Chamber (?)
Additional information: Over 30 items or fragments listed in the Notebook, mostly crossed out and presumably not kept: pottery amphora; stamnoi (large jars); jugs; bowls; lekythoi (flasks); pinax (box); tripod. The descriptions of the pottery suggest the presence of WP/BiCh, BoR, perhaps Black or RS, and ‘Black Glazed’; also a ‘small lamp of red ware, lip much bent in’ (probably an open, wheel-made plain-ware lamp such as British Museum Lamp 485–6); ‘three fragments of bronze fibulae [C.M. 4840], one with a bowl of porcelain [faience] and silver attached’. CCM, 138 (C.M. 4840), 182; Lamp III, 291.

Description of Tomb 2

Tomb 2 ctd

Tomb 3

Contents: Allocated to BM but no items registered
Chronological range of objects: IA
Tomb type and status: Chamber (?)
Additional information: The notebook lists five items, four of which are crossed out: one pottery amphora; one stamnos or jar and three jugs: probably WP/BiCh or BoR wares.

Tomb 4

Contents: Allocated to BM but no items registered
Materials/objects: Pottery
Chronological range of objects: CG–CC (?)
Tomb type and status: Chamber (?)
Additional information: Twelve pottery vessels listed in the notebook, including: amphorae; a stamnos; jugs; bowls; a pinax: probably WP/BiCh, BoR and RS wares.

Tomb 5

Contents: CM
Materials/objects: Bronze, pottery, terracotta figure
Chronological range of objects: CG–CC (?)
Tomb type and status: Chamber tomb (?)
Additional information: Bronze pan from a scales; numerous vessels (large stamnoi, jugs, flasks, bowls etc), probably in WP/BiCh or BoR ware; terracotta horse; most of the items are crossed out in the Notebook. CCM, 182.

Tomb 6

Contents: BM: Four items
Materials/objects: Pottery, bronze
Chronological range of objects: CG III–CA
Tomb type and status: Chamber (?)
Additional information: The bronze fibula and two bronze rings were found in mnemeia (surface graves) south of Tombs 2–6 according to the Notebook; also several vessels, probably WP/BiCh (not kept).

Description of Tombs 5–6

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