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Site E (Phase II) 28 March–8 April 1895

‘All along the ridge above the Papho road continuing from Site E’.

Tomb 110

Contents: BM: five items
Materials/objects: Pottery, bronze, lamp
Chronological range of objects: Hellenistic (3rd century BC)
Tomb type and status ‘A very large tomb with two “ovens” at one end’. The accompanying sketch indicates the front chamber was 25ft x 10ft x 6in high; the ‘ovens’ are loculi approximately 6ft long. Bailey suggests that the tomb was cut into the cliff face (Lamp I, Q500, 228 and pl. 143).
Additional information: The bronze spatula may have been found in Tomb 68. The vases are described as Roman in the Notebook, corrected to Hellenistic in Excavations, 85. Bailey provides an account of the preserved grave goods in Lamp I, Q500, 228–9 and pl. 143.

Tomb 111

Contents: CM
Materials/objects: Pottery
Chronological range of objects: IA(?)
Tomb type and status: ‘Plain rock-cut chamber’
Additional information: ‘Three Cypriote stamnoi [jars]’ in BiCh ware, with a plain jug set in the top of one as a lid.

Tomb 112

Contents: BM: two items
Materials/objects: Bronze, stone
Chronological range of objects: Hellenistic(?); Roman (?)
Tomb type and status: Rock-cut chamber with a long dromos
Additional information: Four small bronze earrings also mentioned, as well as ‘numerous Romano-Chypriote vases’ and ‘a lamp on bracket on wall’.

Descriptions of Tombs 100–112 with a sketch plan of Tomb 110

Tomb 113

Contents: CM
Materials/objects Glass:  lead, clay lamps, stone, bronze (inc. coins), gold, bone
Chronological range of objects: Roman
Tomb type and status: Very large and deep chamber tomb (17ft 10in x 10ft 9in x 7ft and 10ft below surface) with a gabled stone roof and long stepped (?) dromos. Two long narrow side-chambers or loculi led off the left side of the chamber, with one off the right. At the far end were two large recesses with benches and sarcophagi, one with an epitaph in Greek alphabetic script on the side: Excellent Metrodore, son of Meton, Fairwell!
Additional information: Glass bottles, cups, saucers and a ring; nine bronze coins (not registered by the Museum); five lamps; two bone spindle-whorls; bronze mirror and spatula; small gold ring (for inscription see Mitford 1971, no.150, 294 but see Kiely 2007, 82 on his reading and interpretation). CCM, 182; cfLamp III, 292.

Tomb 114

Contents: BM: seven items
Materials/objects: Glass, stone, bronze, pottery lamp
Chronological range of objects: Roman
Tomb type and status: ‘Large [chamber] tomb containing several sarcophagi and loculi – mostly robbed’
Additional information: ‘Numerous glass bottles’; ‘two glass jars’; three Roman lamps; the remainder of the bronze mirror case and its disc; a bronze spatula and what is described as a bronze bell were not kept. Bailey (Lamp III, 293 and pl. 145) also provides a description of the tomb and discussion of the preserved grave goods.

Descriptions of Tombs 113–114 with a sketch plan of tomb 113

Tomb 115

Contents: BM: three items
Materials/objects: Pottery lamp, ivory, pottery
Chronological range of objects: Hellenistic–Roman
Tomb type and status:  Chamber (?)
Additional information: Glass vessels; four bronze mirrors; bone spindle-whorl and pendant in the form of a human bust were not kept. The tomb was clearly used at least on two occasions, as recognised by Walters. Bailey (Lamp III, 293 and pl. 145) provides a description of the tomb and discussion of the preserved grave goods.

Tomb 116

Contents: CM
Materials/objects: Pottery, glass, faience (?)
Chronological range of objects: IA (perhaps CA–CC)
Tomb type and status: Chamber (?)
Additional information: Five BoR ware (?) vessels; glass beads; faience figurine of a ‘satyr’.

Tomb 117

Contents: BM: five items
Materials/objects: Pottery, terracotta
Chronological range of objects: Hellenistic, Roman (?)
Tomb type and status: Chamber (?)

Descriptions of Tombs 114–117

Tomb 118

Contents: BM: three items 
Materials/objects: Glass, pottery, terracotta lamp
Chronological range of objects: Hellenistic, Roman
Tomb type and status: Chamber (?)
Additional information: Glass bowl and four cups not kept; see Bailey Lamp III, 293 for an account of the tomb, which seems to have been used on successive occasions in the Hell. and Roman periods.

Description of Tomb 118

Guide to the tombs

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