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Turner Bequest excavations (Kourion): area E

Area E extended along a ridge running north of the road leading from Episkopi to Paphos. The first part of the site investigated was near the ruined church of Ayia Chrysanayiotissa (Tombs 59 to 70) while later on in the season the team moved further west along the ridge (Tombs 110 to 118). The finds are predominantly Hellenistic and Roman in date, though CA material was also found in both areas. The Notebook provides some valuable details of the tomb types of these periods. Walters noted that both Cesnola and Williamson had excavated extensively here in the previous decades, though strangely fails to note George Hake’s work in the same area in 1882. He opened at least 70 tombs of ‘Ptolemaic’ (but also Roman) date with some degree of success, to judge from the large numbers of Roman lamps and glass vessels that he found here (see Guide to the Collection III). The extended nature of the ancient cemetery may be explained by the fact that it followed an ancient road, which probably ran in this direction like the modern path.

Introductions to the sites

Guide to the tombs at Area E