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Tombs excavated by J.W. Crowfoot
in April 1898

As noted above, between 50 or 60 tombs and several wells were opened by Crowfoot, of which only 11 were numbered and inventoried in the list of discoveries submitted to the Principal Librarian. The tomb types are assumed to be chambers in accordance with Crowfoot’s description. As with the material from Walters’ excavations, not everything can now be identified and there are various inconsistencies between this list, the bill of lading included by Percy Christian when he sent the British Museum share to London, and the Museum register. Some items from the Evkaf’s share may have found their way to the Cyprus Museum, according to Åström and Bailey.

Tomb 1

Contents: CM
Materials/objects: Pottery (LC and Myc.)
Chronological range of objects: LC I–IIB/C (?)
Tomb type and status: Chamber
Additional information: Myc. stirrup jar; ‘stamnos’; frags of WS bowls; BR II jug. Bailey (1976, 31, n. 22) suggests that the stirrup jar might be CM A1594. Crowfoot refers to a BR II jug from Laxia tiou Riou published by John Myres (1897, 150, fig. 7 no. 5) as a parallel for the BR jug, but Bailey notes that they are unlikely to be the same type of vessel (see his n. 23 for a comment on the BR jug). See also Åström in Åström 1976, esp. 59 on surviving finds from this tomb in Nicosia. He suggests that three vases marked a1 may have come from this tomb, though apart from the Myc. three-handled jar they do not appear to be listed in Crowfoot’s report. The tomb numbers from Klavdia were given alphabetical prefixes so these items may well come from this site. One tomb, however, was marked ‘Teke a5’ which lends some support to Åström’s suggestion.

Tomb 2

Contents: Evkaf
Materials/objects: Pottery, gold
Chronological range of objects: LC
Tomb type and status: Chamber
Additional information: Three WS bowls; three BR jugs (various types); stirrup jar (Myc. ?) and two ‘stamni’ [jars]; piece of a gold ‘frontlet’ (Bailey 1976, 31, no. 24 suggests this is BM GR 1898,12-31.4 without further comment, though this is unlikely if the tomb was assigned to the land-owner).

Tomb 3

Contents: Evkaf
Materials/objects: Pottery
Chronological range of objects: MC III – LC I (?)
Tomb type and status: Chamber
Additional information: Myc. jug; WS bowl and jug; BR jug; three bottles in RLW ware (‘unpainted wheelmade red ware’) are sketched in the margin of the report to the PL. See also Åström in Åström 1976, esp. 59 on items from this tomb in the Cyprus Museum, but note the comments above for Tomb 1 on the problems with re-identifying any of the finds.

Tomb 4

Contents: BM: two items
Materials/objects: Pottery
Chronological range of objects: LC II (?); LH IIIB
Tomb type and status: Chamber
Additional information: See Bailey 1976, 23–4 on the problems of assigning material to this tomb with any certainty. A BR jug and pear-shaped bottle (probably a White Shaved juglet) are also listed.

Tomb 5

Contents: CM, but one item assigned to BM and possibly another
Materials/objects: Bronze
Chronological range of objects: LC I–II; LH IIIA–B
Tomb type and status: Chamber (?)
Additional information: Bailey 1976, 24: Three ‘stamni’ (one possibly CM A.1657: Bailey 1976, 32, n. 28); two pear-shaped bottles (possibly White Shaved juglets); a bronze arrowhead (BM). See also Åström in Åström 1976, esp. 59 on surviving finds from this tomb in Nicosia. See comment above on the problem of re-identifying these grave goods.

Tomb 6

Contents: Evkaf
Materials/objects: Stone, terracotta
Chronological range of objects: LC II–III (?)
Tomb type and status: Chamber
Additional information: Bailey 1976, 6, 24: ‘Steatite bowl with three feet’. The terracotta ‘cow’ is possibly CM A1248 (Bailey 1976, 32, n. 29).

Tomb 8

Contents: BM: seven items
Materials/objects: Pottery (Myc.), gold
Chronological range of objects: LC I–III (?)
Tomb type and status: Chamber. ‘The front of this tomb had been broken through, and like all the above it was full of earth: about 10 feet deep’
Additional information: Bailey 1976, 6, 24–5. In addition to the identifiable material, the tomb list mentions: several gold earrings and frags of gold; four ‘stamni’ in total; a ‘small ribbed jar’; two BR jugs; a ‘pear shaped bottle’ (poss. a White Shaved ware juglet); ‘fragments of long bottles’ (poss. RL ware); frags of WS ware.

Tomb 9

Contents: BM: two items
Materials/objects: Pottery
Chronological range of objects: LH IIIA1–IIIB [LC IIA–C]
Tomb type and status: Chamber. ‘This tomb was very much broken: we entered from above’
Additional information: Bailey 1976, 6, 25–6.

Tomb 11–12

Contents: CM
Materials/objects: Pottery (LC and Myc.), faience
Chronological range of objects: LC; LH III (?)
Tomb type and status: (see above in History of Excavation). Double chamber with a deep square dromos. Crowfoot’s sketch shows both had central lobes opposite the entrance. Tomb 11 had a pit in the floor on each side of its lobe; Tomb 12 had a single pit just inside the entrance.
Additional information: Bailey 1976, 6–7. Right chamber: stirrup jar; frags of three jars; frags of WS and BR ware; three coarse jugs; WPW III (?) jug decorated with bands. Left chamber: large jar; examples of wares in right chamber; faience frags; small Myc. jug; frags of jug with relief scrolls; frags of large and small Myc. jars (probably three-handled jars). See also Åström in Åström 1976, 59 on items which may correspond to the original tomb contents.

Tomb 12

Contents: CM
Materials: Pottery, faience
Chronological range of objects: LC
Tomb type and status: ?
Additional information: Bailey 1976, 7. Jar and frags of three others; faience frag.; ‘long necked jar’ [BR or Red Lustrous flask or bottle]; two BR jugs; WS vessel. Åström (in Åström 1976, 59) attributes a Red Lustrous Wheelmade bottle (CM A.1415) and a LH III2 three-handled jar (CM A.1669) to this tomb (his figs. 57 and 63 respectively).

Tomb 13 

Contents: Not kept

Materials: Pottery
Chronological range: LC II
Tomb type and status: ?
Additional information: Bailey 1976, 7: small jar (broken); jug with relief spirals (see Tombs 10–11 above); BR II jug; Plain Wheelmade jug; two pear-shaped bottles; two WS bowls; stirrup jar; Myc. frags.

Uncertain tombs

Bailey determined that the following group of items cannot be assigned to any of Crowfoot’s tombs with certainty. Some may be surface finds rather than items which have lost their original context, and several are explicitly said to have been found on the surface near the Tekke, but some of these may have come from disturbed tombs. Items from uncertain tombs are listed as U.53 to U.67. Surface finds are S.8 to S.11. 

Tomb groups and contexts