Ancient Cyprus in the British Museum

Edited by Thomas Kiely

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The British Museum would like to thank the A.G. Leventis Foundation for its generous support for the Cyprus Digitisation Project. We would also like to acknowledge the continuing help and encouragement of Professor Vassos Karageorghis, who was instrumental in defining the scope and methods of the project at its initiation.

Dr. Lindy Crewe inaugurated the project with her work on Enkomi, and has continued to offer expert advice on many aspects of the content and presentation of the catalogue.

We thank our volunteers for their contribution to the digitisation of the collection: Lesley Bushnell, Helen Crossman, Anastasia Egan, Daisy Knox, Lisa McNally, Crystal Rome and Lucy Walker. Malton Dalton kindly provided the maps of Enkomi. 

The Department of Greece and Rome is grateful to colleagues in the British Museum who have worked to realise this publication, especially Matthew Cock and David Prudames (Web team), Tanya Szrajber, Julia Stribblehill and their colleagues (Collections Services) and Deborah Tydings and Dominic Oldman (Information Services).