Bronze Age Review

The international journal of research into the archaeology of the British and European Bronze Age

Bronze Age Review is a free to access, peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to furthering the understanding of the period about 2500 BC - 800 BC in Britain and neighbouring regions.

It is a free and accessible annual outlet for new discoveries and research, publishing interim excavation reports, reviews, databases and articles to provide an invaluable resource for this period.

Ben Roberts (Editor)
Curator, Department of Prehistory and Europe

Nisha Doshi (Deputy editor) 

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Volume 1

Bronze Age Review For our first issue, we’ve brought together a series of discussion articles written by senior Bronze Age scholars debating the research that they would like to see being conducted in Britain.

Bronze Age Review - the Mold gold cape

The Mold gold cape, Bronze Age, about 1900-1600 BC, from Mold, Flintshire, North Wales