Issue 5: June 2006


There has been another gap, this time of 18 months, since the appearance of an issue of BMSAES (British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan). My comments in the previous editorial about the variability of submissions and the need to maintain standards still apply as strongly as ever.

This is a short issue, and I am very grateful to the authors for their patience in seeing their contributions appear. There is still a British Museum flavour to the issue. Grajetzki's article deals with an object in the collection, while our other article is a new departure for us, a book review, admittedly of the letters of a man who played an important part in the history of the Department in the Museum in the later 19th century.

Despite the BM connection, it must be stressed, nonetheless, that contributions on all relevant subjects are welcome, and that authors are not required to have a BM connection in their papers.

There do not seem to have been any significant developments in the areas of electronic publishing insofar as it affects Egyptology in the time since the last issue. The subject of electronic publishing will be discussed at the forthcoming Informatique et Egyptologie meeting in Oxford, and interested readers should check out the web pages [] for further information

The next issue, which should appear this summer, will consist of papers from the 2005 Colloquium on 'Egypt and the Hittites'.

Nigel Strudwick


The Second Intermediate Period model coffin of Teti in the British Museum (EA 35016)
Wolfram Grajetzki

The Letters of Peter le Page Renouf (1822-1897), edited by Kevin J. Cathcart, 4 vols. (University College Dublin Press, 2002-2004)
A review by Patrica Usick