The Egyptian Inscriptions at Jebel Dosha, Sudan

W.V. Davies

Jebel Dosha is situated a few kilometres (about three miles) north of Soleb on the west bank of the Nile between the Second and Third Cataracts. This paper reports on the results of a visit made in late 2003.

The site appears to have been first exploited by the Egyptians during the reign of Thutmose III, and this was renewed and much enhanced under the direction of Seti I's viceroy of Kush, Amenemipet. All the non-royal inscriptions observed hitherto on the jebel appear to date to the reign of Seti I or at least to the early Ramesside period.

[This paper was first published in Sudan & Nubia 8 (2004), and the same text is republished here with many additional illustrations. The reference formats used in the printed version have been retained rather than reformatted to BMSAES style.]

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