British Museum Expedition to Elkab and Hagr Edfu, 2013

W. Vivian Davies and Elisabeth R. O'Connell

This is a summary of fieldwork undertaken at Elkab and Hagr Edfu in 2013. The focus at Elkab lay on the continued cleaning, epigraphic recording and architectural documentation of the rock-cut tombs of Senwosret (Dynasty 12) and Ahmose-Pennekhbet (Dynasty 18). Further investigation of debris in and around the latter revealed more decorated fragments of the chapel’s doorway, along with other important material.

The work at Hagr Edfu included collation of earlier epigraphic work, a closer assessment of the ‘pyramid’ and ‘pylon’ tombs, and some final documentation of Late Antique architecture and pottery in Areas 1 and 2. This paper concludes with an overview of Medieval manuscripts from Christian Hagr Edfu, now mainly in the British Library. They reveal that a local monastery dedicated to Merkurios existed from at least the 10th century.

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Davies, W. V. and O'Connell, E. R. 2014. British Museum Expedition to Elkab and Hagr Edfu, 2013. BMSAES 22: 1–34.

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