In the footsteps of Edouard Naville (1844–1926)

Barbara Lüscher

In 2004, Günther Lapp and Barbara Lüscher established the Swiss Book of the Dead Project for the purpose of re-editing Book of the Dead spells dating from the New Kingdom and thus, step by step, replacing Edouard Naville’s outdated 1886 edition of the corpus. This paper presents an introduction to Naville’s contribution; an overview of the Swiss project’s current activities and publications; and outlines Lüscher’s new project, which focuses on nineteenth century Book of the Dead scholarship. The result of the new project will be the publication of Naville’s correspondance, notes, drawings and other archival material related to his Book of the Dead edition.

This research is not only of interest for the modern history of Egyptology but also had the potential to bring back to light lost examples as can be demonstrated with a fragment of a New Kingdom Book of the Dead papyrus once held in the Kestner collection, Hannover and which belongs to a fragmentary papyrus in the Florence Museum (inv. 3660A). While the Hannover fragment itself is now apparently lost, a facsimile-drawing has survived among Naville’s notes and will be presented here for the first time, together with other hitherto unpublished drawings and photographs of the Florence part of the papyrus.

In the footsteps of Edouard Naville (1844–1926)

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Lüscher, B. 2010. In the footsteps of Edouard Naville (1844–1926). BMSAES 15, 103–21.

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