Issue 12:  September 2009


This issue presents four papers on varying aspects of Nile Valley studies, from a statistical analysis of Meroitic, to a report on new fieldwork in the Theban necropolis and a reconsideration of inscribed material from Edfu. The final paper features some considerations on publication methods in the subject area.

The number of resources relating to Nile Valley studies available on the British Museum website continues to expand.

The first in a series of Online research catalogues on material from Cypriot sites, Ancient Cyprus in the British Museum, edited by Thomas Kiely (curator, Department of Greece and Rome, includes Egyptian and Egyptianising objects.

Also, previously published monographs in the Research Publications series will be made available for free download after a certain period. A Naos of Nekhthorheb from Bubastis: Religious Iconography and Temple building in the 30th Dynasty, by Neal Spencer (with a contribution by Daniela Rosenow; Research Publication 156, 2006), is now available.

Neal Spencer


Constructing word similarities in Meroitic as an aid to decipherment
Reginald Smith

Early Kushite Tombs of South Asasif
Elena Pischikova

Edfu under the Twelfth–Seventeenth Dynasties: The monuments in the National Museum of Warsaw
Marcel Marée

On Publication
Jeffrey Spencer