Naukratis: Greeks in Egypt

Alexandra Villing, Marianne Bergeron, Giorgos Bourogiannis, Alan Johnston, François Leclère, Aurélia Masson and Ross Thomas

With Daniel von Recklinghausen, Jeffrey Spencer, Valerie Smallwood, Virginia Webb and Susan Woodford

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The Leverhulme Trust
  • The Shelby White - Leon Levy Program for Archaeological Publications
  • Christian Levett (Mougins Museum of Classical Art)

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The catalogue is designed to be searched using a number of different options.

A simple quick search can be conducted by entering one or more terms in the catalogue search box. This will bring up all entries that contain these terms across a number of text fields including the introductory chapter.

More advanced searches can be carried out by entering specific terms in the different search fields within the catalogue advanced search page.

For example, objects of a particular type (such as a figurine, arrow-head, kotyle, etc) can be found by searching under ‘object type’. The ‘ware’ field can be used to find different types of pottery (such as black figure, red figure, Wild Goat, etc). The ‘schools/styles’ field contains more detailed sub-divisions of painted (East) Greek pottery (e.g. animal chalice style, Altenburg Group, Knipovitch Class). ‘People and organisations’ allows you to search for particular persons associated with particular objects. For example, people named in inscriptions, or craftsmen/artists such as Greek vase-painters.

The ‘place’ field makes it possible to search either for specific findspots within Naukratis, or for places of origin/production of particular objects. For example, for objects made in Corinth enter ‘Corinth’ in the field, and on then tick the box ‘made in’.

Specific findspots within the site of Naukratis for which you can search include:

  • Cemetery (Naukratis)
  • Great Temenos
  • Hellenion (Naukratis)
  • Town (Naukratis)
  • Sanctuary of Aphrodite (Naukratis)
  • Sanctuary of Apollo (Naukratis)
  • Sanctuary of Hera (Naukratis)
  • Sanctuary of the Dioskouroi (Naukratis)
  • Scarab Factory

A note on catalogue numbers

Catalogue numbers in this catalogue fulfil a purely administrative function and are liable to change as our state of knowledge changes and progresses. Users are encouraged to disregard these numbers when referring to objects in this catalogue and to cite instead the Museum inventory numbers, which uniquely identify the objects through their owning institution’s registration numbering system.