Partnership loan
Treasures of
Medieval York

The Yorkshire Museum’s major refurbishment project provided an opportunity to display the finest objects from its collection at the British Museum in Treasures from Medieval York

The display was in the British Museum’s widely-visited Room 2. It was the first time a partner’s collection has been displayed in a national museum in this way.

As part of an ongoing relationship between the British Museum and Yorkshire Museums Trust, this exhibition is a showcase for genuine, reciprocal partnerships between national and regional museums. It is the result of collaboration at every level, with exhibition objects having been conserved and researched at the British Museum.

"They are of such wonderful significance, state of preservation, beauty of manufacture, and there are things we simply don't have in the British Museum, not even examples of."
Jonathan Williams, British Museum

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The Middleham Jewel

The Middleham Jewel. © York Museums Trust (Yorkshire Museum)