John Garstang and the Discovery of the Hittite World

Victoria Gallery & Museum,

Long term loan

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This exhibition displays original artefacts excavated by Liverpool archaeologist John Garstang during his excavations and travels in Turkey at the turn of the last century.

Garstang was responsible for re-discovering the virtually forgotten ancient Hittite civilisation when he was excavating in south east Turkey between 1908 and 1911.

The exhibition provides an insight into Garstang, his discoveries and brings to life an archaeological dig 100 years ago. This is achieved with an authentic furnished nomad's tent (the archaeologist's base camp) which visitors can enter and inspect archaeological plans and replica finds.

Original casts of ancient sculptures, lent by the British Museum, are displayed as they were found, in a mock-up of the original excavation. The exhibition is accompanied by historic images of Turkey, taken by Garstang on his travels.

Plaster cast of a Neo-Hittite relief; human and lion headed sphinx walking left, unfinished surface of slab below; painted black in imitation of original basalt; mounted in wooden frame.