Fabric of a Nation: Textiles and identity in modern Ghana

Tour dates: 28 June – 28 February 2010
Now showing at: Horniman Museum, London


Fabric of a Nation

Fabric of a Nation focuses on the role of printed cloths and their designs as an expression of cultural, social and political identity in modern Ghana, cutting across ethnic and language differences.

This display was first shown at the British Museum in 2007 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of Ghana’s independence from Britain (6 March 1957), attracting more than 55,000 visitors.

The exhibition was produced in partnership with the Department of Archaeology (now the Department of Cultural and Heritage Studies) of the University of Ghana at Legon as part of the British Museum’s ongoing ‘Africa Programme’.

Supported through the generosity of the Dorset Foundation

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Fabric of a Nation at Cartwright Hall in Bradford