Medieval Europe 
AD 400–1500

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Spanning the period AD 400 to 1500, this exhibition explores a time when many of the states and cultures of modern Europe were formed. Key events, famous figures and iconic objects are used to guide the visitor around the exhibition themes as they walk through 1,000 years of history and learn about the wars, faith and culture of those living in the Middle Ages.

The exhibition opens a window onto Medieval Europe with objects of great beauty and importance, many of which have never been displayed before. From stained glass windows to delicately crafted jewellery, the exhibition reveals the splendour of the Middle Ages.

Visitors will learn what life was like for all levels of society, including monarchs, the clergy and the masses living in Europe’s towns and cities. They will also see how dramatic events, such as the Black Death, The Crusades and the Wars of the Roses affected life in Europe and shaped the continent we know today.