Plant room

A level dedicated to mechanical and electrical plant sits above the exhibitions gallery to service the offices and conservation studios above and control the environment in the exhibitions gallery below.

This location means the plant can efficiently service adjacent functions and minimise the amount of duct and riser space required for the movement of large volumes of air.

The new Centre consists of a complex arrangement of multiple use facilities including:

  • a gallery space requiring the facility to provide close control of temperature and humidity 24 hours a day during exhibitions
  • state of the art conservation and science studios with complex equipment requiring environmental controls and fume extraction
  • a collections’ management hub with a high tech truck lift, conditioned spaces for object packing and unpacking and workshops containing complex machinery and equipment to support the exhibition and loan programmes
  • storage areas for objects requiring various temperature and humidity conditions 24 hours a day

The design team has carefully developed the complicated servicing strategy necessary to ensure the building runs as efficiently as possible.