Hercules Segers and his printed paintings

6 January – 16 May 2012

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Eccentric etchings by a seventeenth-century Dutch printmaker.

This display highlights the British Museum’s superb collection of prints made by the Dutchman Hercules Segers (c.1589-c.1638). It is the first time the British Museum’s Segers etchings are exhibited as a group and the majority has never been previously displayed. Despite being highly admired by art historians and modern artists, this eccentric printmaker has so far remained relatively unknown. The display aims to introduce a wider audience to the dazzling beauty and experimental techniques of Segers’ etchings.

Segers was the most innovative and imaginative artist of his time, inventing new printmaking techniques and embellishing his landscape prints with vivid colours. These ‘printed paintings’ were highly original in achieving a unique look for each of the etchings, an approach greatly admired by Rembrandt.

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