Sharing expertise

Through the Sharing Expertise programme, the British Museum works together with UK Museums to share best practice, draw out the best in each organisation and discover what is particular about each organisation; the highlights, the interests and strengths.

The programme recognises that ‘expertise’ is broader than just collections knowledge and so nurtures the range of experience and skills built up by dedicated museum professionals. Through the Sharing Expertise programme the British Museum plays an active role in the professional development of the sector.

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Knowledge exchange

Museums exist within a Knowledge Community. The Knowledge Exchange programme creates opportunities for staff at the British Museum and partner museums to develop short five day exchanges to share knowledge, skills and good practice.

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Learning museum

The Museum’s third HLF Skills for the Future programme, Learning Museum, is investing in a new generation of museum professionals to equip them to thrive in a fast-changing sector.

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Future curators

From 2011-2015, the HLF Skills for the Future: Future Curators Programme supported three cohorts of trainee curators to develop specialist collections knowledge and broad curatorial skills.

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Museum pathways

Museum Pathways was the British Museum’s second HLF Skills for the Future programme. Designed for people new to the heritage sector, it provided entry-level vocational training in museums across Greater London.

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Conference and seminars

As a National Museum the British Museum is committed to its role of working with our sector and beyond. We can act as a bridge and host, bringing together discussion, debate and ideas. Our programme of conferences and seminars for the sector are a vital part of this role.

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