Peter Higgs

Ancient Greece; Greek sculpture, Greek terracottas, Hellenistic period
Ancient Greece

Department: Greece and Rome


+44 (0)20 7323 8367


Specialist in ancient Greek sculpture and architecture.  Particular interest in the Hellenistic period, sculpture, terracottas, bronzes, jewellery and architecture.  He has also researched and published on major architectural sculptures, such as the metopes from the Temple of Apollo at Bassai (in press), the Nereid Monument, the Mausoleum at Halikarnassos and the coffers from the temple of Athena Polias at Priene.  Specialist in ancient Sicily. 

He has contributed to the refurbishment and refreshment of many of the galleries in the Greek sections of the Museum. 

External fellowships/ honorary positions/ membership of professional bodies

Member of the Hellenic Society

Member of the British School at Athens. 

Current projects

Current projects include, co-curator with Dirk Booms for a special exhibition about Sicily scheduled for summer 2016

Redevelopment of gallery 23, ‘Greek sculpture during the Roman period’

World Conservation and Exhibition Centre -  Greece and Rome stone storage - to re-house our sculpture currently in the reserves into the newly developed WCEC storerooms. 

Previous projects

Curator of Room 2 2010-2013

Cleopatra of Egypt: temporary exhibition in London, Rome and Chicago, 2000-2001

Re-development of the Hellenistic Gallery 1997

Re-development of Greek ground floor galleries 2001 – 2007

Athletes, Warriors and Heroes, Competition in the Ancient Greek World, 2007-2009.  Travelling exhibition to six venues in the UK.

Excavation sat Knidos, Turkey, 2000-2001

Recent publications

P. Higgs, The Metopes from the Temple of Apollo Epikourios at Bassai, (London: Institute of Classical Studies, forthcoming)

P. Higgs ‘The fall and rise of a Roman statue: the Kew Gardens Hermes’, with K.Oliver and M.Spataro, in The British Museum: Technical Research Bulletin, Volume 6, 2012, 1–12. View here 

P. Higgs; T. Kiely, ‘Four unpublished marble sculptures of Hellenistic date from Cyprus in the British Museum’, CCEC, 39 (2009), 403–424.

Joint author with D. Williams, T. Opper and M. Timson, ‘A Virtual Parthenon Metope: Restoration and Colour.’ V. Brinkmann und R.Wünsche, Gods in Color: painted sculpture of classical antiquity (Munich 2007) 112–118. 

P. Higgs ‘Cleopatra VII at the Louvre’, in, Walker, S. and Ashton S.A. (eds) Cleopatra Reassessed, London, 71–74. 

P. HIggs ‘Resembling Cleopatra: Cleopatra VII’s portraits in the context of late Hellenistic, female portraiture,’ in Walker, S. and Ashton S.A. (eds) Cleopatra Reassessed, London, 57–70.

P. Higgs, ‘Back to the second century B.C.: new thoughts on the date of the sculptured coffers from the temple of Athena Polias, Priene’, in Peter Schultz and Ralf von den Hoff (eds), Structure, Image, Ornament: Architectural Sculpture in the Greek World (Oxford, Oxbow Books, 2009).

P. Higgs, ‘Late Classical Asia Minor’ in Greek Sculpture: Function, Materials and Techniques in the Archaic and Classical Periods. O.Palagia (ed.), (Cambridge, 2006), pp. 163-207.

P. Higgs, ‘Resembling Cleopatra’ in S.Walker and S-A.Ashton (eds.), Cleopatra Reassessed: British Museum Occasional Paper, no.103. (London 2003), pp. 57-70.

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P. Higgs and S. Walter (eds.), Cleopatra of Egypt: From History to Myth (London, British Museum Press, 2001), pp. 200-209. Also UK, US and Italian editions.

P. Higgs, ‘Searching for Cleopatra’s image’ in P. Higgs and S. Walker (eds.), Cleopatra of Egypt: From History to Myth (London 2001) pp. 200-9.