Elizabeth J. Pendleton

BIPS Project Curator: Parthian Coins

Department: Coins and Medals 


+44 (0)20 7323 8272

Elizabeth Pendleton works mostly on the Sasanian Coin Project, under Dr Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis.  This is a joint project with the National Museum of Iran in Tehran which began in 2000. The aim is to produce a 2-volume catalogue of Sasanian coins in the National Museum of Iran and the British Museum, which will be available as both a traditional publication and online resource.  Work on the early and middle Sasanian coins (AD 224-531) in the National Museum is now complete.  In late 2006, Elizabeth and Vesta began work on volume 2, with a research trip to the National Museum of Iran.  They scanned the late Sasanian coins (AD 531-651) from the collection and gathered technical data, ready for entry onto a database.

Elizabeth is also involved with the Parthian Coin Project, a multi-institutional venture between the British Museum London, Paris, Vienna, Berlin,Tehran and the American Numismatic Society New York.

Current projects

Sasanian Coin Project 
under the direction of Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis