Study Room Groups

If you are a teacher or lecturer wishing to teach parties of students in front of works in the study room, you may use the centre table in the department for display. Departmental staff are not available for teaching, but will put out whatever selection of works is asked for.

If you would like to make a booking then please contact the prints department by emailing For all other group bookings, please refer to the group visits page.

The study room is in constant demand so it is recommended that you book well in advance. 

There is room for a maximum of 10 people at the centre table in the study, including the tutor. Larger groups will have to be split into shifts. The centre table can hold approximately 15 works. You must supply a list of the works to be shown at least a week in advance, by email. Please provide as complete references as possible, including register numbers, artist's name, location and references to standard catalogues.

During the session the tutor must ensure that members remain around the centre table, and do not approach other areas in the study room. Pencils, not ink, should be used for taking notes.

No fee is charged for this facility, though donations made in recognition of our help are welcome.