Tell es-Sa‘idiyeh excavations

The curators and staff of the Department of the Middle East are all involved with research in one form or another. This varies from excavations and fieldwork to studying, investigating and cataloguing the extensive collection of Middle Eastern material here at the Museum.

There are approximately 330,000 objects in the department's collection. A representative selection, including the most important pieces, is on display and totals some 4,500 objects. The rest forms the study collection which ranges in size from beads to large sculptures.

This rich resource is freely available for study by students and scholars in the departmental study room.

Research projects

Curators and staff in the department are involved in a wide range of research projects


The department has an ongoing programme of publication of the collection and the results of research projects.


The British Museum has been, and still is, at the forefront in informing the public about the current situation in Iraq and reminding its visitors of the importance of Iraq’s archaeological and historical legacy. This is achieved through gallery talks, lectures and study days within the Museum and in the broader community.