Reading list

Visit the British Museum store for a variety of books on Classical Greece and Rome.

This list includes recent publications by the British Museum Press that are relevant to the collections of the Department of Greece and Rome. All are in print, and should be available both from the British Museum bookshop in the Great Court and from other booksellers.

L. Burn, The British Museum Book of Greek and Roman Art (2nd ed. 1999)

L. Burn, Greek Myths (1990)

B. F. Cook, The Elgin Marbles (2nd ed. 1997)

J. L. Fitton, The Discovery of the Greek Bronze Age (1995)

J. L. Fitton, Cycladic Art (2nd ed. 1999)

J.L. Fitton, Minoans (2002)

J. F. Gardner, Roman Myths (1993)

S. Haynes, Etruscan Civilization (2000)

I. D. Jenkins, Archaeologists and Aesthetes (1992)

I. D. Jenkins, The Parthenon Frieze (1994)

J. Swaddling, The Ancient Olympic Games (2nd ed. 1999)

Judith Swaddling & John Prag (eds.), Seianti Hanunia Tlesnasa: the Story of an Etruscan Noblewoman (British Museum Occasional Paper no. 100, 2002)

V. A. Tatton-Brown, Ancient Cyprus (2nd ed 1997)

R. A. Tomlinson, Greek and Roman Architecture (1995)

S. Walker, Roman Art (1991)

S. Walker, Greek and Roman Portraits (1995)

D. J. R. Williams, Greek Vases (2nd ed. 1999)