The Berber-Abidiya Archaeological Project

The collection is a vital resource for continuing research. Departmental staff and other scholars are engaged in studies of particular areas of the collection, which are extending our understanding of ancient Egyptian history, culture and technology.

Some of this research has resulted in the production of full catalogues of groups of objects, to make information available to others. Other research results in articles in journals, and in lectures inside and outside the Museum.

More recently, the documentation of the collection has been digitised as part of a programme to create records of the entire holdings of the Museum in electronic form. This has facilitated retrieval of information on different classes of material, in order to assist external scholars, students or the public.

Other research has focused on more wide-ranging aspects of Egyptology, including excavations and fieldwork, scientific analysis and investigation, historical subjects or the interaction of ancient Egypt with neighbouring cultures. Some of this research has formed the subject of a series of International Colloquia organised by the department.

The British Museum makes a substantial contribution to excavation and fieldwork throughout the world, through its own projects or through collaboration with those of other institutions. The Museum has always actively supported the excavations of other bodies in Egypt, notably the Egypt Exploration Society, and the Department of Egyptian Antiquities (and its predecessors) did put its own expeditions into the field in the first third of the twentieth century, notably to Asyut, Matmar and Mostagedda.

Departmental excavations recommenced in 1980 with work at the site of El-Ashmunein in Middle Egypt, and now include work in Sudan as well as in Egypt. In addition, members of the department are also involved in directing other projects in the region.

Research projects

Current research projects being undertaken by staff from the department.


Staff in the department are involved in an ongoing programme of publication

British Museum Studies in Ancient Egypt and Sudan (BMSAES)

The department regularly publishes the BMSAES, an online journal that aims to encourage electronic publication of research.


Research Fellowship in Urgent Anthropology: Sudan. Closing date is 10 January 2014.