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All British Museum datelists were published either in the journal Radiocarbon or, more latterly, in Archaeometry; brief references are given below. Dates published between 1980 and 1984 are subject to error, but corrected data were issued (Bowman et al,1990: see below) for many of the samples involved.

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BM-II: Radiocarbon, 2 (1960), 26–30
BM-III: Radiocarbon, 3 (1961), 39–45
BM-IV: Radiocarbon, 5 (1963), 104–8
BM-V: Radiocarbon, 10 (1968), 1–7
BM-VI: Radiocarbon, 11, 2 (1969), 278–94
BM-VII: Radiocarbon, 13, 2 (1971), 157–88
BM-VIII: Radiocarbon, 18, 1 (1976), 16–42
BM-IX: Radiocarbon, 19, 2 (1977), 143–60
BM-X: Radiocarbon, 21, 1 (1979), 41–7
BM-XI: Radiocarbon, 21, 3 (1979), 339–52
BM-XII: Radiocarbon, 23, 1 (1981), 14–23
BM-XIII: Radiocarbon, 24, 2 (1982), 151–70
BM-XIV: Radiocarbon, 24, 3 (1982), 229–61
BM-XV: Radiocarbon, 24, 3 (1982), 262–90
BM-XVI: Radiocarbon 25, 1 (1983), 39–58
BM-XVII: Radiocarbon 26, 1 (1984), 59–74
BM-XVIII: Radiocarbon 27, 3 (1985), 508–24
BM-XIX: Radiocarbon 29, 1 (1987), 61–77
BM-XX: Radiocarbon 29, 2 (1987), 177–96
BM-XXI: Radiocarbon 31, 1 (1989), 15–32
BM-XXII: Radiocarbon 33, 1 (1991), 51–68
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Glass and Enamels


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