Reports and publications

The department has an impressive publication record, covering subjects as diverse as medals of the Italian Renaissance and Romano-British coin hoards.

In addition to writing numerous articles for both academic and popular periodicals and journals on coins and medals, members of the department write, edit and contribute to more expansive works on history and archaeology.

The department has followed a policy of publishing scholarly catalogues of its extensive collections since the early 1800s.

Please see below for two documents available to download detailing: historic numismatic publications until 2011, then recent publications from current members of the Coins and Medals department

Recent numismatic publications by British Museum staff: 2011 to present

Numismatic publications of the British Museum

The following list provides a sample of some of the recent major publications by members of the department, for additional titles, please see the reading list.

R A Abdy, E. Besly, and F. López-Sánchez, (eds.) 2010. The Gloucester Hoard and other coin hoards of the Britannic Empire; Coin Hoards from Roman Britain Vol. XIII. Moneta, Wetteren

R. A. Abdy and A. Dowler, 2013 Coins and the Bible (Spink and Son Ltd)

P. Attwood, and F. Powell, 2009: Medals of Dishonour, exh. cat., (British Museum)

P. Attwood, Hard at work: the diary of Leonard Wyon 1853-1867 (London: British Numismatic Society, 2014)

J. Carroll, S.H. Harrison and G. Williams 2014: The Vikings in Britain and Ireland (British Museum Press, London)

B.J. Cook and G. Williams (eds.) 2006: Coinage and History in the North Sea World c. 500-1250 (Brill)

BJ Cook, The British Museum and the Future of UK Numismatics. Proceedings of a conference held to mark the 150th anniversary of the British Museum's Department of Coins and Medals, 2011, London 2011

B.J. Cook, 2012: Angels and ducats: Shakespeare’s money and medals, (British Museum, London)

V.S. Curtis, 2010: Persian Myths (Indian edition, New Delhi)

V.S. Curtis, (trans) Feb 2009: BM Shah ‘Abbas visitor's brochure from English to Persian

V.S. Curtis and  S. Stewart (eds) 2014: Shahanshahi-ye Ashkanian (Persian translation of The Age of the Parthians, 2007)

V.S. Curtis and S. Stewart, (eds.) 2009: The Idea of Iran 4. The Rise of Islam. (I.B. Tauris, London)

E.Errington and V.S.Curtis, 2014: From Persia to Punjab, Mumbai.

E Errington and V S Curtis, 2007: From Persepolis to the Punjab: Exploring Ancient Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan (British Musuem Publications)

K. Hinde and P. Attwood, 2014: Badges and medals of the Corporation of London and guilds outside London, trade tokens and other medals in the collections of the Worshipful Company of Cutlers of London, Worshipful Company of Cutlers, London

T. Hockenhull (ed), 2015: Symbols of Power: Ten Coins that Changed the World (London: British Museum Press)

N. Khan, M., Errington, E., Cribb, J, 2008: Coins from Kashmir Smast. New Numismatic Evidence, M. Nasim Khan, Peshawar

S. Moorhead, 2011: The Roman Empire (British Museum Press)

H. Wang, (ed.) 2012: The Music of Ink: Chinese Arts Ancient and Modern (London: Saffron Books)

H Wang, S Sakuraki and P Kornicki, 2010: Catalogue of the Japanese Coins (pre-Meiji) in the British Museum, with special reference to Kutsuki Masatsuna (British Museum Research Publication)

H Wang, 2008: Chairman Mao Badges: Symbols and Slogans of the Cultural Revolution (British Museum Research Publication 155)

G. Williams, 2008: Early Anglo-Saxon Coinage (Shire Books)

G. Williams, 2010: Eirik Bloodaxe (English edition)/ Eirik Blodøks (Norwegian edition). Saga Bok, Kernevik and Chicago

G. Williams, and B. Ager, 2010: The Vale of York Viking Hoard. Objects in Focus (British Museum, London)

G. Williams, 2011: Treasures from Sutton Hoo (British Museum, London)

G. Williams, P. Pentz, and M. Wemhoff, (eds) 2013: Viking, British Museum, London

G. Williams, P.  Pentz and M. Wemhoff, 2014: Vikings: Life and Legend (British Museum Press, London)

G. Williams, 2014: The Viking Ship, (British Museum Press London)

R.N.J. Wright, (ed. by J. Cribb and H. Wang) 2012: The Modern Coinage of China 1866-1949. The Evidence in Western Archives, (Spink, London)