Masson project

The Department of Coins and Medals is committed to furthering knowledge and facilitating research into the field of numismatics.

Study facilities are offered to anyone wishing to examine the collections or the extensive library. The study room and galleries allow curators to conduct teaching at all levels from primary school to university groups.

Numismatics Summer School

Please address any enquiries to the Department of Coins and Medals

Research projects

Curators are involved in a wide range of research projects arising from the British Museum's legal responsibilities, such as our role in the Treasure system of England and Wales, or resulting from collaboration with universities and other research bodies. Through publications, exhibitions, and educational events this research is communicated to diverse audiences.


There is an ongoing programme of publication of the collections and of archaeological material which passes through the department, as well as the results of research relating to them. Curators also edit and contribute to the journals of several numismatic and academic societies, as well as producing more expansive academic publications.


The department is actively involved in the administration of the 1996 Treasure Act.