Talking Objects


Developing skills and expertise
in partner museums.

1. Introduction
2. The object
3. The group
4. Practitioners
5. Museum staff
6. The methodology

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Talking Objects is a way to bring objects together with people, to instigate new conversations, new dialogues – and sometimes it also helps us talk about more difficult subjects.


Talking Objetcs

The project outline and how it can work for your organisation.

The object

Talking Objetcs

What to consider when choosing an object for your Talking Objects project

The group

Talking Objetcs

Advice and shared experiences of working with a range of groups

Creative practitioners

Talking Objetcs

Creative practitioners are integral to the project, enabling the group to create their own response

Museum staff

Talking Objetcs

How best to structure and manage different colleagues’ involvement


Talking Objetcs

How the methodology can be flexible to suit any organisation or audience